The Conference Passport

Continuing Education Made Easy

Attendee Access to Audio Proceedings from Multiple Events with One Login

With Conference Passport your attendees get full access to your organization's event, conference, and meeting proceedings for continuing education.

The Conference Passport

Take your audio recordings to new heights. With the Conference Passport, your attendees get full access to session materials from all your organization's meetings. Proceedings, Presentations, Handouts, and Quizzes all on one platform.

The Conference Passport is an online continuing education portal where your attendees can purchase all your proceedings.

Stamp Your Way to Success

Users can purchase stamps to access individual events or they can purchase an annual subscription to stay up to date on all your continuing education opportunities. It's a fun way to track progress and stay on top of new material.

CadmiumCD will help you promote your meeting proceedings and continuing education materials through the conference passport.

Promote Your Proceedings

Our unique stamping system is a great way to keep attendees up to date on your latest continuing education proceedings. Users access all your materials from every event through one central portal. Every time you upload new content, your users are notified!

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