Audio Production

Conference Recordings Made Easy

Audio Production for Your Event, Trade Show, or Meeting

Meticulous Audio Production

CadmiumCD's audio production team will take great care with the quality of your audio recordings, removing noise, editing for smooth beginnings and endings, and compressing to optimize both quality and file size. We take pride in providing the best audio production services possible. Your attendees will be thrilled!

Multiple File Formats

Our production team handles multiple file formats. Have us record your event, or send recordings from your preferred recording company, and we'll work our magic. We handle all major audio and video file formats. We can also delover SCORM compliant files for your Learning Management System.

On-Site Audio Recording

CadmiumCD is an event technology company that has a passion for the educational meetings industry. As a meeting planner, you want only the best audio recordings for your event. That's where we come in. Our team works with presenters to ensure the highest quality recordings possible.

Quality Audio Distribution

We have multiple methods for distributing your recordings. After our media production team works its magic, attendees can access presentations from your eventScribe website or mobile app.

Distribute Your Audio

CadmiumCD will build a password protected website for your event so attendees can access your conferece's audio proceedings.

The eventScribe MicroSite

We'll build a site for your event, complete with your organization's logo and artwork. Attendees given access to it can log in and browse audio and other session materials.

CadmiumCD has a mobile event app that is native to iOS and Android where your attendees can access your conference proceedings.

eventScribe mobile app

Our Mobile App is native to both iOS and Android. Attendees can access your event's audio recordings and proceedings right from their mobile devices.

CadmiumCD will upload your conference audio recordings to flash drives or compact discs.

Archiving Your Content

When your project is complete, CadmiumCD will send you a hard drive containing all of your completed files. For safety's sake we will hold onto a backup of your archive for 5 years

Content That Stands Out

CadmiumCD will present your audio recording meeting proceedings on a password-protected, searchable website.

Organized Proceedings

Whichever option you choose, we present your audio recordings in an organized and intuitive way. You give password-protected access to only those who have attended your event or purchased your proceedings. Your conference's audio is uploaded into a searchable database, so attendees will always be able to find what they're looking for.

CadmiumCD will sync your conference's video proceedings with your presentation slides.

Video Synchronization

One of the most useful things CadmiumCD can do for your conference proceedings is sync video with your presentation slides. Whether you choose us as your video recording company or use another vendor, we're happy to edit and convert your event's video and quality check it for errors. Your attendees will be thrilled that they can view a recorded video feed of your speaker presentations alongside high quality presentation slides.