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Recordings & Audio Proceedings for Your Event, Conference, or Meeting

CadmiumCD will record audio for your educational event, conference, or meeting on site.

Live Meeting Recording

CadmiumCD is an audio recording company that has a passion for the educational meetings industry. As a meeting planner, you want only the best live meeting recording for your conference. That's where we come in. Our team works with presenters to ensure the highest quality recording possible.

CadmiumCD will produce live conference recordings for large or small conferences, meetings, and events.

No Conference Too Large or Small

We partner with Professional Organizations, Business and Trade Associations, Academic Institutions, and Event Planners to produce live meeting recording for seminars, meetings, conventions, and other events. Your attendees deserve to take home their conference experience. Check out our conference proceedings solutions to find out how to make your meeting recordings amazing!

We are the best conference Audio Recording company because our technicians have extensive professional expereince.

Experienced Audio Professionals

CadmiumCD has fifteen years of experience in the meetings industry. We've been to hundreds of conferences, so we understand your live meeting recording needs. Your presenters will enjoy working with our team, and your attendees will be impressed with the quality of audio recordings our experienced audio technicians deliver.

CadmiumCD is a conference audio recording company that also offers a complete product line of event technology. We do speaker management, exhibitor management, mobile event apps, and expo floor plans.

Fully Integrated Audio

With CadmiumCD, you don't just get a meeting recording company. You get the entire conference experience. We offer a full line of services for event planners and meeting organizers. And our audio recordings integrate seamlessly with all of them. Find out more about CadmiumCD's extensive line of event technology products.

We've Got You Covered.

Distribute Your Audio to Attendees

CadmiumCD makes it easy to distribute your conference audio recordings to attendees.

Easy Distribution

CadmiumCD makes it easy to distribute your live meeting recording audio to attendees. We offer a wide range of options, and each include your organization's logo and artwork! Check out the options below:

CadmiumCD will publish your conference audio recordings to compact disc!

Compact Discs

We publish your audio to CDs! Find Out More.

CadmiumCD will upload your conference audio recordings to flash drives.

Flash Drives

Prefer Flash Drives? We'll upload your audio there too.

CadmiumCD will build on online event site where attendees can access your conference audio recordings.

In the Cloud

Never lose your proceedings again. Your audio is available on the web and in our app.

Other Vendors Welcomed!

We'll integrate with your preferred company

CadmiumCD will happily integrate other vendor's audio recording and video recordings into our online proceedings!

Working with CadmiumCD is easy. If you already have a preferred vendor
for your live meeting recording, we're happy to adapt. Send us your audio and
our media production department will provide web friendly files with
editing, mastering, and authoring - no problem!

Meeting Recording Perfected

CadmiumCD's fully integrated system

We Sync Audio With Slides

Your Attendees can bring home the entire conference experience. We'll sync all your live meeting recording audio with each presenter's PowerPoint slides. Attendees can access it online or on the smartphones through eventScribe. That means your attendees can follow along with each educational session as it was meant to be presented.

CadmiumCD will video record your conference, meeting, or event and upload the MP4 to an eventScribe proceedings website.

We Do Video Too!

CadmiumCD can record live video of your event or use video from your production company. Our team is happy to include it into your conference proceedings. We'll do all the editing and conversion work necessary and quality check it for errors. We even sync video with PowerPoint slides!