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Record & Distribute Conference Content with CadmiumCD Audio Proceedings

CadmiumCD will record live audio and screen captures from your conference. Since we offer a complete content management and distribution platform, we'll be able to deliver recordings directly to attendees online, in the cloud, and through your mobile event app and website.

CadmiumCD, makers of eventScribe and Survey Magnet, have a software as a service model, meaning every project comes with an assigned project manager. This image shows an iPhone with a finalized version of a task list created by the Survey Magnet. Some tasks have green checks for completion, others have red x's. The device is tilted to give the effect of falling.

Audio Proceedings are only one part of the CadmiumCD Event Management Platform.

Manage, capture, and distribute your content on one platform that comes equipped with the human element. Our project managers and audio recording team will be there every step of the way.

Perfect for planners who want to...

The Survey Magnet is flexible enough to gain insights, test, knowledge, or collect feedback. This image is a line drawn icon of a lightbulb.

Manage Content

Collect speaker details, presentation files, and plan your schedule with the Conference Harvester.

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The Survey Magnet allows administrators to choose from different question types to create custom surveys and evaluations. This image is a line drawn icon of gears turning.

Capture Content

Our team will live capture your audio and presentation slides, then deliver them to your attendees in 1 of 4 ways.

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Administrators of the Survey Magnet can gain valuable insights from users. This image is a line drawn icon of a clipboard and pencil.

Distribute Content

Share content with attendees online, in the cloud, and through your very own, custom designed eventScribe app.

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Survey Magnet allows administrators to ditch manual processes like communicating via one-to-one emails, sorting through printed evaluations, and more. This image is a line drawn icon of a heart.

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