CadmiumCD is a multimedia company focused on the technology needs of conference planners. Our products include conference proceedings on CD or online, synchronized audio proceedings, call for papers, online virtual exhibitions and speaker data collection tools. 
  Consider the wide variety of delivery methods available for providing the audio post-conference.

There are multiple methods of providing the audio to attendees, from posting it online to mailing it out post-conference on a CD or DVD. One method that CadmiumCD has found to be extremely effective is to provide a Key CD. The Key CD links to a secure website, where the user then enters the access code found on the CD packaging. The website contains all of the content, which people can access as it becomes available. The advantages of a Key CD include onsite distribution and eliminating the need to have the proceedings mailed out post-conference. It allows access to content faster as people can review the information as it becomes available, rather than waiting for it to be completed and mailed to them. Also, for large conferences where the content needs to fit on multiple DVDs, it can save substantially on the production costs and is a greener method of distribution.

It’s also a more secure method of sharing the data rather than just posting it online. The system checks to make sure the Key CD is in the computer before providing access to the page so that attendees cannot share their login information with numerous people who did not attend the conference or pay for access in a mass email.
    Synchronize the audio with the presentation slides in order to improve the educational value of the recordings and increase the utilization and revenue achieved from the process.

Although listening to the audio and having copies of the slides as a reference is helpful, most people prefer to have the audio synchronized with the slides to improve the quality of the educational experience as most people are visual learners. This format can also be sold at a premium price, so that attendees on a budget can still obtain the audio at a lower price.
    Make sure there are back-up recording devices in each room.

Often, multiple vendors are working in the same space with equipment that may be connected to each other. If one piece of equipment is turned off, for example the mixing board, then it will also affect the attached recording devices. It is always wise to make sure that there is at least one back up recording in each room to ensure that the audio is recorded. CadmiumCD uses a minimum of two recording devices per room in order to prevent these mishaps from occurring.
      Insist that speakers use the microphones, even if there is a small number of attendees in the room and they prefer to speak without it.

Speakers often believe that speaking without a microphone to small audiences increases their connection with the attendees. Although this may be true, the audio recording devices are frequently linked to the microphones, and if they are not used, then nothing will be recorded. It is important that speakers realize this in advance to minimize the possibility of this occurring. Posting signs at the podiums to remind speakers is an important step in also ensuring the quality of the audio recorded.

Maximize the ease of listening to the audio by providing it in a wide variety of formats that can be played on various devices.

There is some confusion as to what type of file formats are available and how this will impact the way they will be distributed and used by attendees. Frequently, MP3 audio files are provided. MP3 audio files are compressed audio that can be played on computers and most portable music devices. A CD with the mp3 files provided on it cannot be played in traditional CD players, such as in cars, unless the device specifically states it’s capable of playing mp3 files.

Audio that can be played in traditional devices such as these needs to be provided as a *.wav file format. The advantage of a *.mp3 file format is that the audio is compressed, so that you can fit about 25 times more audio on just one CD.

The MP4 video file format is also frequently mentioned. The MP4 files include both audio and video and can be played on many new media devices which include video players such as the latest smartphones and iPods, as well as computers.

Flash video files are also used for viewing online through an internet browser. The file formats are not easy to copy and can be prevented from being downloaded if the information being shared needs to be more secure.

 .mp3 Demo      Auto-advancing Slides + Audio      .mp4 Demo

      Online proceedings enable you to track usage views of different presentations to determine which topics are most popular with your attendees.

Understanding which topics and speakers are downloaded the most frequently is an important step in selecting the next conference agenda. Our online proceedings come with a statistics package as a standard feature which our clients review when they log in to our Conference Portal system.
      Include the availability to purchase the audio recordings on the registration form.

Attendees frequently need to obtain a supervisor’s permission when making purchases. If the availability to purchase the proceedings is on the registration form, it reduces the need to go back and obtain an additional purchase order or a second round of funds. CadmiumCD has seen as much as a 50% increase in proceeding sales when it is included on the registration form.
      Carefully consider how the audio will be packaged and priced to encourage maximum revenue generation.

Planners frequently do not consider how the price of the proceedings affects the sales volume. Instead, they are often concerned with potential attendees purchasing the audio proceedings instead of attending the conference. This concern can be minimized by pricing the packages with multiple pricing tiers, based on whether the purchaser attended the conference or not as well as the type of formats and the amount of information. By lowering the price of the proceedings, the volume of proceedings sold will increase, frequently surpassing the revenue gained than at the higher price point with less sales.
      Understand how different audio and multimedia formats can impact the file size, quality and availability to distribute the information.

There are a variety of methods and devices to record conferences and each one may have a different affect on the final product’s file size, quality and capability of being redistributed using alternative methods. For example, live streaming broadcasts of speakers at an event might be used on a website during a conference, but these formats are often incompatible with hosting them online for people to access post-conference as their file sizes tend to be large and the audio is typically low quality. Alternatively, some organizations host online webinars, where the audio is recorded via a telephone connection, which can seriously impact the quality of the audio. An awareness of these issues can assist meeting planners in making the best decisions as to how they want to host and record their content.
      Make sure that you have release statements from your speakers to include their audio and presentation slides on the proceedings.

Gaining the cooperation of the speakers is essential to ensuring the success of the final proceedings. Including this as a requirement of your speakers is an effective way to minimize potential conflicts post-acceptance. If there are speakers that are unwilling to let you record their sessions, make sure that this information is passed on to the recording company so they can alert potential customers to the fact that this information will be omitted from the proceedings.
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